If you decided to start a family with a foreigner and entrust Natalie Koval with help in finding your future husband and beloved man, we ask you to familiarize yourself with the agency's rules and terms of cooperation so that our work will be easy, pleasant and, most importantly, effective.

General rules::

• POSSIBLE provides dating services for the purpose of starting a family. We focus solely on building strong, serious relationships, so it is important that our goals align from the start.

• All clients who apply to the agency must confirm that they are neither in a serious relationship, nor married (the fact of divorce if necessary).

• The agency always acts in the interests of clients, if it does not contradict the current legislation of Ukraine, does not engage in fictitious marriages and the provision of sexual services. We stand for sincere relationships and genuine feelings. Meetings are organized by the agency only by mutual agreement of both parties.

• The agency is not responsible for inaccurate, incomplete or untimely information provided by clients, which may affect the decision-making (health status, wealth, immigration rules, etc.).

• The responsibility for making decisions about the privacy of clients lies with the clients themselves. Also, the agency is not responsible for the consequences associated with the intimate life of clients.

• The agency provides full support in the process of processing documents for a meeting with a man outside Ukraine, but is not responsible for possible refusals by embassies to open visas.

Interaction rules:

• All information we receive from you will remain confidential and will only be used to represent your interests. Posting information on the POSSIBLE website is carried out with your personal consent. Please notify us of any changes to your address, contact phone numbers or marital status.

• In order to increase the opportunities for dating, the agency can offer photos and personal data to other agencies. But the transfer of information will not be carried out without your knowledge and personal permission.

• The agency creates convenient resources for communication (group in the messenger, communication on Facebook, email distribution). Your participation is entirely voluntary. Attention! If on Facebook you receive a friendship request from Natalie Koval's contact list or a meeting offer from a stranger, then such communication is not a service of the POSSIBLE agency, and we ask you to immediately inform us about the violation of the rules by the man. Your safety is our priority!

• You can always contact Natalie Koval for advice or additional information, and we will be happy to help if the issue is within our competence. But you make all decisions regarding building a relationship with a man on your own.

Conditions for effective cooperation:

• Consider the recommendations of experienced agency professionals..

• Describe your level of interest in the male candidates presented for consideration. This will help us find the truly perfect match for you.

• Be in touch or inform in advance about the time when it is more convenient to contact you and when you are out of access.

• Update photos at least every 6 months. Improve, transform and do not hesitate to show it to the world.

• Attend all suggested appointments as a minimum to develop communication skills with men of a different culture..

• Come to the meeting on time, and if you are late, notify in advance. If the circumstances are such that you cannot be present, inform the agency no later than 2 hours before the appointed time..

• Come on a date with a man alone, without girlfriends, friends, parents or children. A representative of the agency may be present at the meeting if required by the man's package. The restaurant for the meeting is also chosen by a man or recommended by an agency.

• After meeting within 24 hours, tell us about the level of interest in continuing to meet the man with whom you have been on a date, and about your desire to meet again.

• Refer us to any questions you may have with your apartment booking, taxi service or any other service related to the male client's travel to meet you. You do not need to worry about it - it is within the agency's competence.

• Let us know about significant milestones in your relationship (travel, meeting friends and parents, disagreements, etc.) - this will help us keep you safe, improve communication and work effectively to successfully complete your relationship.

• If a client's trip with a man outside Ukraine was planned without informing the agency, then neither the agency nor Natalie Koval are personally responsible for it.

In case of non-observance of the listed rules, illegal actions in relation to other clients of the agency, as well as in the case of clients being caught in fraud, having photos on porn sites or escort service sites, we will be forced to terminate cooperation.