Successful photo session

We have good news for you. If you have not taken professional photographs before, then you will find out that a photo session is also a therapy for femininity. You will see how beautiful you are. It cheers up perfectly and flatters your self-esteem. However, let's not deny the fact that the process of preparation and photo session takes some effort.

A good result of a photo shoot is:

  • 3-4 portrait photos in which you smile sincerely.

  • 6-10 photos showing your figure: legs, waist, your dignity (chest, legs), naked some parts of the body (legs, arms, collarbone).

Remembering that a man is interested in appearance first, we suggest that you make and select the most favorable personnel for you.

Read these simple guidelines, based on our years of experience in pairing, and you will get ready for your photo shoot quickly.

Preparing for a photo session:

  • Get a manicure and pedicure. Be a lady "to the tips of your nails."

  • Get enough sleep.

  • Prepare your hair and makeup:

    • Styling should not be festive. Style your hair the way it suits you.

    • If possible, visit a makeup artist. Tell him that you are preparing for a photo shoot in a romantic look to attract a man, and a professional will make the right look.

    • You can use the services of makeup and styling in the complex, for example, here or similar beauty salons

  • Prepare your clothes:

    • 2-3 sets

    • Clothes should be feminine: skirts and dresses are required (men are not attracted to women in trousers); heels; clothes should emphasize the dignity of the figure, and shouldn't get a man distracted.

    • Red tones in clothing attract men's attention.

    • When thinking about an image for a photo shoot, remember that you are looking for a husband, not a partner for sex. Avoid dramatic images. They hint at escort or paid messaging sites, and you are a Client of Matchmaking Boutique Possible. You need to emphasize your goal to create a family in a romantic and gentle way.

    • Possible bows and their features:

      • Summer sundress, heeled sandals (not wedge heels, it overloads the leg). We demonstrate beautiful arms, shoulders, a fragile torso, and a beautiful neckline.

      • Sheath dress, pumps. We emphasize a beautiful figure, waist.

      • Pencil skirt, elegant top, pumps. Accentuate the hips and legs.

      • Clothing color: give preference to solid colors. Patterns are possible, but not overload the image with them. Avoid very colorful fabrics. They distract attention from you.

      • Important! In the image we emphasize and slightly reveal one part of the body. If naked arms, shoulders, accentuated neckline, then you don't need to draw attention to your legs: short skirt, intriguing slit. This will make the image look vulgar.

      • Avoid complicated designs: wreaths, kokoshniks, national clothes. Leave layering, asymmetry and oversized for meetings with friends. Men won't appreciate your creativity, and you will distract their attention from your natural beauty.

      • Remember that a man, looking at a woman's figure, directs his gaze along the contour of the sand hours: chest (shoulders) - waist - hips. Let your clothes allow a man to guide his eyes this outline while looking at your photo.

Do not be afraid that if you follow these recommendations, you will look just like the rest of the brides. Each of you is unique and will look different, even if one idea is taken as the basis for the image.

Prepare the mood: smile, radiate happiness and pleasure from life sincerely! Pretense read everything. Radiate what you want to attract. Smile: sincere, open. Smile the way you smile at a child, the sun.

You can safely use these recommendations when preparing for dates with men. Then your chances going on great dates and finding love increases exponentially.

And we will be happy to help you with this!
Matchmaking Boutique Possible Team