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Natalie Koval’s matchmaking boutique Possible is Ukraine’s premier marriage agency, with years of experience and a proud record of matchmaking success that has resulted in hundreds of happy marriages.

With a history dating back to 2003, Possible provides one of the most trusted and personalized services in the elite international matchmaking business. Our team works hard to understand our clients’ needs, finding out about their interests, values and personality so as to match them with the perfect partner.

Possible’s database of potential Ukrainian brides boasts the most beautiful, family-oriented, smart and educated Ukrainian ladies, who, just like our male clients, complete a detailed matchmaking assessment survey with our team before they start dating. All of our clients, male and female, can thus be sure that potential partners they are introduced to have the best of intentions and are truly committed to the goal of building an international marriage. You can trust our team to do everything possible to match you with your perfect partner!

Natalie Koval
Key matchmaker and founder of the matchmaking boutique POSSIBLE

Possible’s founder, Natalie Koval has more than two decades of experience in bringing foreign men and Ukrainian women together to find love. She is an acknowledged expert in international matchmaking, appearing regularly in national and international media to comment on the international dating and marriage sphere. She is also one of the co-founders of the Ukrainian Matchmakers Alliance.

A happy wife and mother of three children, since 1996 she has been successfully helping Ukrainian women find husbands in various countries around the world.

She uses her training in the psychology of human relations to ensure that possible partners are perfectly matched in terms of interests, values, and personality.

She takes an individual approach to her work, supporting women in their personal growth, and teaching new couples about the mentalities of different nations. Natalie isn’t just Possible's founder, she’s her clients’ life coach, available to advise them in person or on social media. Head over to Possible’s YouTube channel to hear Natalie explain how her matchmaking boutique helps its clients find true love and happiness!

Oksana Kabanets
Executive Director, Male Client Service Manager

Oksana, a graduate of the Yuriy Fedkovych National University in Chernivtsi, has worked in the matchmaking boutique since 2005.

She loves to help family-oriented men create real relationships with Ukrainian women. She helps couples solve their misunderstandings and overcome their cultural differences, providing supporting care to male and female clients from the very start of their relationship. 

She enjoys connecting people, setting up communications between couples, and supporting and inspiring them as they build a new relationship.  

She describes her goal as being to help people create relationships – regardless of what culture or what part of the world they come from.

Nataliya Guchek
Female Client Service Manager

A graduate of Dragomanov National Pedagogical University, Nataliya enjoys meeting people and face-to-face communication, chatting with Possible’s lady clients about their lives, organizing fun events, and following the course of relationships as they grow.

She is a keen student of psychology and human relationships, is interested in personal growth and transformation, and is always ready to meet new people and learn about their personal progress.

She describes her role in the agency as being to help female clients achieve personal change, and her goal as being to help create and support new happy couples.

Nataliya Signayevskaya
Agency Psychologist, Coach, NLP Master, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist

Nataliya, a holder of a master’s degree in medical psychology from the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, loves Possible’s female clients, whom she says are smart, extraordinary, unique, and demure, and all of who have amazing life stories!

She admires clients’ achievements as they work with Possible – how they open up in a new way, how they change and learn about themselves and their desires, and how they develop and move forward with their lives.

Nataliya says her goal is to help, guide, and sometimes even push clients towards making positive changes and transformations in their lives. If they find harmony and understanding with themselves, and then with other people and with the person they love, then they can build happy relationships!

Victoriya Tokova
Fiancé Visa Support

Viktoriya, who has a degree in linguistics from the University of Slavonic Studies in Rivne, has being working with the Possible matchmaking boutique since 2008.

A qualified translator of French and English, she provides clients with advice and guidance in visa-related issues, and smoothes out any bumps in the visa application process. She helps clients fill out application forms, checks all information provided by clients, and translates documents.

She enjoys helping people, and working together with them as they achieve their dreams!

Elena Milovidova
Personal Stylist

Elena helps Possible’s clients reboot their personal style, boosting their confidence and happiness with their own appearance. A fashion and travel journalist, and the holder of a diploma from the UK image consulting company Color Me Beautiful, Elena has been working with the Possible matchmaking boutique since 2014.

Elena loves communicating with clients, learning about people and their life stories, and helping them achieve their goals through expressing their own personal style. With more than 10 years of experience working in the fashion industry, Elena creates styles for real people and real life, and is delighted when the new colors and styles she picks out for clients become part of their new life.

She says that once she has helped a person create a wonderful, unforgettable first impression, their own charisma does the rest!

Yulia Bogdanova
Client Legal Support, Managing Partner of Law firm BGB & PARTNERS

Yulia leads a team of reliable, professional lawyers who provide Possible’s clients with all the legal support they may need – from registering a marriage in Ukraine to drafting a prenuptial agreement.

In contrast to dating sites, Possible marriage boutique has legal services seamlessly integrated with its matchmaking program, offering clients support and help in all of the legal aspects of marrying a lady from Ukraine.

And with an increasing number of new couples opting to build their life together in Ukraine, Yulia can guide clients through all Ukrainian legal processes and paperwork quickly and efficiently.

Nataliya Perekhodko
Transformational Game Therapist, Life Coach

The holder of a university degree in economics, and a qualified specialist in Jungian psychoanalysis, Nataliya has been working with the Possible marriage boutique since 2014.

She loves working with people to find creative and interesting ways to explore their own personalities and achieve their goals. Using transformational games, Nataliya helps clients get around unconscious stumbling blocks in the way of happy relationships.

Through guiding clients through transformational games such as "Cupid" and "Talisman," Nataliya helps free women from false expectations, avoid toxic relationship scenarios, and bring the man of their dreams into their life, to stay! 

Juliya Gavrylova
MC, Wedding Planner, Actress, DJ, and TV presenter

Juliya guides Possible’s clients through their biggest, happiest, though sometimes nerve-wracking event – the wedding day! She says each couple, each relationship, have a unique story, but these stories always have a happy ending, with a wedding!

Juliya organizes perfect weddings based on the wishes of the couple, and all within the budget they set.

Her experience and knowledge of wedding planning help her build up an accurate vision of what the couple wants for their big day, and to turn that wonderful vision into reality.