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The road to love is paved with anticipation, romance, hope, intrigue, and the joy of meeting wonderful people with whom to share life!

But travelling it alone, can also be a journey of false starts, dead ends, disappointment and heartache. Here at Possible matchmaking boutique, we’ve spent years finding the best path to Destination Love. We travel with our clients, guiding them past the pitfalls while making sure they experience all of the excitement of searching for new love! Here’s how we do it:

After clients sign up with us and provide some basic personal details, we proceed to a more in-depth matchmaking consultation. Clients provide us with detailed information about themselves (all of this information is of course strictly confidential) so we can match them with the perfect possible candidates for a future relationship. The ladies go through the same process, so the clients we introduce to each other will already be a very good potential match.

Next, our possible future partners get acquainted online. We can help with advice on striking up a relationship at a distance, but after a while clients are usually eager to take the relationship to the next level, and meet in person. For trips to Ukraine, Clients from the United States, Australia and New Zealand should plan to stay for about two weeks to maximize chances of success, while those based in Europe could come for one or more long weekend.

When in Ukraine, clients date their favorite candidates – usually a minimum of five ladies – and really start to hone in on the best prospects. We’ve got a track record of matching three out of four clients with a partner on their first trip!

After returning home, we provide our male clients additional support in maintaining long-distance relationships, but invariably they want to meet up with their favorite lady again as soon as possible. We recommend that they go on a romantic trip, perhaps to the male client’s own home city if they live in Europe, or to a holiday destination like the Canary Islands or the Caribbean for those based in North America. The main thing is not the location, but taking the time to develop a romantic bond.

If all goes well, our clients will become engaged and start to plan their new life together. Our team of professionals advises them on these next big steps, helps arrange fiancé visas, and can organize marriage ceremonies in Ukraine, from a small private event to a lavish family celebration. After that our clients start another adventurous journey – a new life together, having found that happiness is indeed Possible!

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