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It’s no accident that we at Possible have such an impressive track record of success in matching Ukrainian ladies with foreign men.

First, our female clients self-select for success with us. They are looking for what our male clients have to offer — a loving, stable, long-term relationship with a partner who shares their goals and values. They are prepared to relocate to another country to achieve this aim. They find Possible through personal recommendations, searching for matchmaking services online, or by seeing Possible’s founder Natalie Koval on TV or other media.

Second, our ladies go through a detailed selection process including interviews with a psychologist. Like the gentlemen, our ladies are indeed our clients – they pay to register with us and also pay a success fee. They meet and consult with Natalie and fellow female clients, and are given a tailor-made plan for working with our team to find the ideal partner. The process of matching a potential Ukrainian bride with a male client is rigorous, and can take anything from one to three years.

Our female clients are accomplished women with a cosmopolitan outlook on life. Around two thirds of them speak English, and eight out of ten have a university degree. They are looking for a relationship with an equal.

But there is a third secret to Ukrainian women’s success in the international marriage sphere: Ukrainian women – and those from Kyiv in particular – have been renowned since Soviet times and before as being some of the most beautiful in the world.

That’s also no accident: Ukrainian women take great pride in their appearance and femininity. And for most Ukrainian women, traditional male-female roles and family values are very important. They often expect the man to be the leader in an equal partnership with complementing roles. The man should be a provider and protector of the family. In return, Ukrainian women are loving and loyal, and very family- and child-oriented.

Possible’s Ukrainian female clients are also adventurous, brave, and romantic. Remember, they are prepared to take the huge step of moving to another country and culture for the sake of love and happy married life. Learn more about the fascinating women of Ukraine here.

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