Zack and Lesya, our couple from the USA

In July 2019 I got a call from a young American man asking me to introduce him to only one girl... At that time the girl was so busy with her new job as a big boss assistant. She did not have time to sleep, let alone dating. 

With lots of my kind and persistent support, Zack was meeting Lesya on a video date in a couple of weeks. And in early September, Zack flew to Kyiv to follow the calling of his heart to meet Lesya. 

Zack rented a car and tool charge by making plans of spending quality time together while exploring Ukraine. Romantic walks, sweet time, creating dreams together... Zack and Lesya really connected on Zack's first trip to Kyiv.  

I have a great privilege in my job to see how love works regardless of distance, time and nationalities. Love speaks from a man's heart and makes him brave, helps him achieve more resources and helps his international love story develop. 

In December 2019 Zack made another trip to be with Lesya in Kyiv.  He came for over a month, and  Lesya joined him to test the opportunity of growing their relations. Zack and Lesya bought their wedding rings on that trip and have not taken them off since. 

Zack started making regular trips to Kyiv. We attended events together.  Even the global pandemic did not mess much with their love. 

Planting trees in his mother-in-law's garden, driving around Kyiv together and visiting friends and family. Zack became half-Ukrainian since August 2019. 

Mr. And Mrs. Johnes officially got married on June 11th 2021 in the USA. 

It is time for Lesya to adapt to America and become American. But regardless of distance,  borders and time,  their young family and beautiful love story will grow and prosper. So let it inspire more young guys like Zack to follow their hearts. Everything is POSSIBLE!

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