3 children were born in families of our clients recently!

From January 2021 until May, 3 new babies appeared in the families that we have matched in the Matchmaking boutique Possible.

These are various families that got married

  • in 2017, and they live in the UK. This is their second baby already:)

  • In 2019, they live in the USA and this is their first baby:)

  • in early 2020, live in Austria and their baby was born in early April 2021.

This is the loveliest news that we are very happy to share with our community.

Now our statistics are coming to 69 children born within the families that we have matched. But we believe that this number is far greater.


In total we have counted 165 families that got married with our help. Our key Matchmaker, Natalie Koval, is working hard and smart on connecting more people and creating more and more families that will have sustainable relationships.


In the Matchmaking boutique Possible we rely on traditional family values and help create heterogeneous families. This means that in this kind of families women prefer that:

The man takes the lead, women follow the man, but without any oppression of the women’s rights. We’re talking about the family when the man is providing, protecting, giving the status to the woman and becomes a strong supporter and provider.

And the woman is

  • loyal to him

  • living within the budget that he provides

  • creates a happy emotional atmosphere

  • raising their children

These are the types of families we create, because it is part of our traditional family values and morals.


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