Blondes or brunettes?

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Perhaps one of the most popular questions of eternity, next to Hamlet's monologue «To be or not to be?» is the following question: «Do men prefer blondes or brunettes?»

At first glance, there may be a natural confusion: What's so important about it? However, this topic has become so popular that even scientists got interesting in making a survey about it among the male representatives. However, despite all the results, there debate about whether blondes or brunettes are better is still going on.

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So, well, let's move on to the main question that many people are concerned about. Do men prefer blondes or brunette? Let's figure it out together!

What makes blondes unique? Facts only!

As mentioned above, the popularity of the topic «are men more attracted to blondes or brunettes» is not going to slow down. Girls who want to find their one-and-only often turn to statistics to find out what hair color men prefer. And every year it changes.

So, who should you choose: blondes or brunettes?

Perhaps, let's start with an explanation of what makes blondes attractive to men.

Let's start with the fact that the percentage of natural blondes in the world is extremely small. It is about 5%, and the account, of course, does not take the girls who dyed their hair. This hair color is most common among the fair sex from Ukraine or former Soviet block countries. So, if you are dreaming of a fabulous blonde princess, then you now know where to look for her!

The popularity of blondes is also due to the fact that they are often perceived as more friendly and easy-going women. It is easier to talk to them, and they also seem to be more fragile and tender. It makes a man feel like a knight in shining armor next to that type of a girl.

There is also an opinion that representatives of blonde hair often do not need to apply a lot of makeup to look good. Their facial features are often very soft and slightly rounded.

When you mention blondes, you often think about the common stereotype that they are not too clever. However, these are just unfounded prejudices that have nothing to do with reality. 

After all, just like brunettes, they study at prestigious universities and colleges, and then become professionals in their field. In addition, it has been scientifically proven that hair color is not a sign and indicator of intelligence.

In the end, it is worth saying that girls with light hair color are considered more attractive since ancient times. 

This was due to the fact that beautiful ancient Greek goddesses had blonde hair. 

This was considered a kind of standard of beauty, which all the girls aspired to. In addition, today we have many examples among blondes who have become universal favorites and sex icons.

What makes a brunette beautiful? Do guys like brunettes?

Then, what about girls with dark hair color? Do men like brunettes? And what do they think of them?

When it comes to brunettes, men often describe them as those partners in life with whom they can go through thick and thin. In general brunettes are considered:

  • smart;
  • reasonable; 
  • career driven.

There is also an opinion that brunettes are more successful in business than blondes. This has been proven through many studies. They are fully committed to their work, so they will always have financial stability.

However, it does not mean that blondes are stupid or unsyccessful. Most likely, this stereotype was formed due to a variety of prejudices.

However, these aren’t all the features that are inherent in them. Funny enough, but often men find themselves a little afraid of raven-haired girls. Most probably because those ladies behave as very passionate partners full of strong sense of self-worth. But you shouldn’t think that a brunette is an impregnable fortress that you will have to break through every now and then. Very often they try to hide their soft and sensitive nature behind the smart looks.

As for their facial features, they are often quite expressive and memorable. If an overage of makeup on a blonde can sometimes seem inappropriate, then dark-haired beauties clearly have an advantage. They look very impressive with bright shades of lipstick, which add to their charm.

Brunettes do not only look great with makeup. Many of them can easily conquer a man without a thick layer of beauty products.

Turning to conclusions, it is worth emphasizing that if a man says   «I like brunettes», it often means that he sees this type as a potential match for a stable and happy marriage.

So, after all, blondes or brunettes?

The question, perhaps, whether men prefer blondes or brunettes will remain valid for many years to come, or even centuries. After all, everyone's tastes are completely different, as well as expectations from their soulmates.

But it should be remembered that every woman is beautiful in her own way. It is not the color of her hair that makes her beautiful, but the way she knows how to present herself. After all, there is a good reason for considering confident people as the most attractive regardless of their hair color.

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