Matchmaking boutique Possible

Matchmaking boutique Possible, having history since 1996 with a lot of successes, families and children born within the families is related to the highest rules of conduct and professional business practices.

In march 2021 we renewed our certification with the International Matchmaking Institute (IMI).

So there is only one institution in the world, which is the IMI in the USA in NY, that teaches matchmakers throughout the world:

  • how to match 
  • how to conduct ethical business practices
  • how to provide the product of matchmaking
  • what is the matchmaking
  • how to service  clients in the most efficient way
  • proper business models 
  • support matchmakers globally

It is safe to work with us, because Matchmaking boutique Possible is certified as a professional matchmaking company not only in Ukraine, but also in the world. We are manifesting our high level business practices, accountability,   following professional rules and our pursuit for the happiness of our clients.

Nalalie Koval - our key Matchmaker, has been with the Matchmaking Institute since 2008. 

She got through the certification course “A new matchmaker”, which she attended in 2008, having already 5 years of business experience then. But now,  looking back, we see that a lot of things and technologies have improved and the best results can be achieved in collaborations. 

That’s one of the reasons to renew our certification of the International Matchmaking Institute, but other advantages are really numerous.

So what shall we do for our clients?

The main key-component while providing services is trust.

Often clients ask: “How can I trust you? How can I know that you will provide the service you’re saying?”

So we want to convey that first of all trust is built during the personal conversation and becomes stronger during the experience that a client is having with a certain business or personality.

The fact that  a matchmaker is registered with a big organization that checks:

  • business model and principles 
  • qualifications of a matchmaker
  • history of business practice 
  • existing website and its functionality  
  • clear business models 
  • the code of ethics of the Agency, of course

Then you can reveal that there are global practices that are available and a matchmaker is following these global practices and supports the rules.

We have the code of ethics, signed with the IMI on our website, proving that we realize the ethical and professional norms of the profession. And, sure enough, support of the customers and their aspiration for personal happiness and creation of a family.

Certification is also about professional growth, and professional business growth. Because throughout the registration of the International Matchmaking Institute there are numbers of courses that are giving a lot of business insights and ideas on working with clients, on effective business strategies and the ways of helping clients finding their matches.

There is also a global database of singles that is privately shared between matchmakers. So that we can find the match in the most productive and successful way within our databases and clients benefit from this.

Matchmaking Institute, is the official professional academic Institute certified by the government of the USA legible for making certification.

Throughout the courses at the Matchmaking Institute we hear professors holding their lectures about the nature of love, the nature of relationships, the nature of processes while creating a family and in the family by itselfs, statistics, sociology, psychology.

We are connected to the finest matter of science, which is human well-being and even though it is very difficult to count the amount of love, you can still have common tendencies in people's manifestation of their feelings. That helps professional matchmakers do their job relying on scientific research.

Being part of the Global Love Institute which is originated by the IMI, we also participate in professional conferences when we meet matchmakers face-to-face, make friends, and agree about various types of collaboration between the matchmakers in order to help the clients.

Working with a matchmaker is not rocket science, but it is relying on serious science. It is a science of understanding people, psychology, and the science of doing your best for  men and women, who come and trust you in helping them to    get rid of their solitude and create sustainable family relationships.

We’re proud to be a part of the International Matchmaking Institute and Global Love database. And this way we manifest the highest business practices, the code of ethics and our being part of the International community of the professional matchmakers.

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