2nd Marriage in 2020

March 6th, 2020


Royal Museum of Arts...

This day became really special for our clients Kate and Stefan. They got married!

We introduced the couple in 2017, and soon after their first meeting, they started planning their future together.

The next step was Kate’s traveling to Vienna to take a glimpse at Stefan's life there. Royal Opera of Vienna, romantic streets of the magnificent capital, and the modern taste of the new city became minor compared to the amazing love story that started between Kate and Stefan.

The following trips were about introducing Kate to Stefan’s friends, parents, as well as experiencing real life together as a couple.

The couple was not in a hurry to tie a knot but tested the power of their love by living together and learning more about each other.

Love, willingness to make each other smile, and be happy as well as common goals of having a strong loving family turned their union into a happy family.

Now Kate and Stefan are expecting a baby!

Congratulations, dear Kate and Stefan.

May your happy love story inspire more men and women to look for their true love regardless of borders and distance!

Everything is possible!

Lions Club Ball is 2019 Interview with Natalie Koval in Ukrainska Pravda.