Coaching session by Iryna Bonnet, ICF-certified coach.

Coaching session by Iryna Bonnet, ICF-certified coach.
Iryna Bonnet coaching session
200 EUR

Meet Iryna Bonnet, a highly qualified coach of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) with a master's degree in psychology, management, international law and finance. Many years of experience in business and psychological practice allow her to successfully combine coaching and psychotherapy in the transactional analysis method.


An integrated approach for people seeking relationships is aimed at:


- Self-knowledge and understanding of needs, which helps to avoid inconsistent choices.

- Developing communication skills and constructive conflict resolution, a key to healthy relationships.

- Overcoming emotional barriers, which helps to establish and maintain healthy relationships.

- Preparing for relationships by understanding the important qualities and values in a partnership.

- Support in finding a partner by establishing healthy connections and avoiding harmful patterns.

- Creating a solid foundation for future relationships, managing expectations and fears, increasing self-esteem and preparing for a constructive partnership.

- Support in the process of change for a stable and happy partnership.


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