Matchmaking VS escort

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From time to time, I hear men complaining that women are not like they expect. A man says he pays to meet an attractive woman, but she is not communicating or appearing like he wants her to be. I see men coming to a matchmaker but expecting an escort service. They describe a non-existing doll hoping I can manufacture such a thing, but it does not happen and frustrates them.

Understanding the main differences between escort and matchmaking may cast more light on what you really need and where to look for it.

Below I describe the main differences between those two completely different services as I see them through my experience and knowledge.


  • One of its variations is provided by pay-per-letter websites where you pay for each letter and video with a lady to satisfy your need to communicate with women.

  • Women and their time are the product. You pay to get it.

  • Satisfaction is guaranteed for the money you pay

  • Men pay so that women make them happy.

  • Her liking you and opinions do not matter as long as you pay for her time

  • Predictable and expected female reactions and behaviors 

  • Easy

  • Transactional

  • Avoiding negative emotions

  • The illusion of a good life and happy relationship



  • RELATIONSHIPS is the product

  • Both pay for services

  • Her liking you and reciprocity are the key to continuing communication

  • The better you treat each other, the more guarantees relations will last

  • Learning how to make a woman happy

  • Building connection by confiding in women 

  • Staying in ties if there are mutual efforts and a desire to be together

  • Finding compromise in the differences between your personalities and interests

  • Meeting women who are more likely to respond to your relationships expectations

  • Involving traditional values and the settlement that may lead to love 

  • You may get unpredictable reactions to usual life things depending on a woman’s personality

  • Trust matters more than money

  • Overcoming negative emotions and understanding that perfection only exists in our illusions

  • The reality of a good life and relationships. 

Take your time to stop the crazy chase of a modern world flow and think of what you really need. The better you understand your goal, the easier it is for you to choose the direction you need to move. No need to go to a matchmaker if all you need is guaranteed good emotions for 20 minutes a week. But suppose you are ready to dive into the depth of your soul, looking for love. In that case, the matchmaker will take you by hand, guide you safely through the forest of illusions, and show you ways to harmonious relations.

The choice is yours.






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