Chatos conference in 2018

On October 10th, 2018, Natali was a speaker at CHATOS Matchmakers Conference. It is the second annual meeting of Ukrainian matchmakers and IT specialists where they share their working experience and talk about hot issues of the matchmaking industry and technologies. The central topic around which the conference is revolving boils down to the future of international dating.

For the speech, Natali selected 350 couples she had during 20 years of her matchmaking experience. All of them went their own paths. Some couples are happier than others, some broke, some gained even more love and strength than they had when started their relationships. The main point of Natali’s research was to understand causes which defined routes of 350 couples. Natali shared her findings with colleagues at CHATOS. Undoubtedly, such conclusions are helpful for matchmakers to consider because, knowing them, they may predict possible outcomes of their matched couples in several years.

The next CHATOS Matchmakers Conference will be in 2019. Let’s work, dear matchmakers, to make it even greater than it was this year!

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