A miracle from Ukraine. Interview with the book author James Herbert Harrison

I am happy to announce the conclusion of an interview with American author James Herbert Harrison, who recently released his new novel, Miracle From Ukraine, a fictional love story inspired by actual events.

Set in the pre-war period of Eastern Ukraine, this is a tale of a most unlikely romantic connection between a young Ukrainian woman and a middle-aged American businessman. When twenty-seven-year-old Irina Balabanova seeks to find her soul mate abroad and enlists help through an international marriage agency in Kharkov, her initial experiences with potential suitors are fraught with disappointment.

Purely coincidental, American John Masters has made a second trip to Ukraine in search of romance, despite immense pushback from friends and family following a similar pilgrimage six months earlier to Odessa, a trip that resulted in frustration and failure.

The plot unfolds as the couple are miraculously brought together, agreeing to marry while still communicating with online translation software. The book has an entertaining blend of drama, intrigue, divine intervention, and even a bit of comedy.

Underneath the inspiring tale is the backdrop of the culture in Ukraine and the challenges (and ultimate rewards) of a Western male seeking romance with a woman in Ukraine.

I had threatened to write this for many years,” Harrison stated. “My wife and I had always believed a higher power had to have had a hand in this. The sheer volume of chance circumstances that occurred during this journey were just too many to comprehend.”

Based largely on his own experiences, Harrison chose to turn the book into fiction in order to add volume and entertainment value. “I had to add an extreme villain, as is found in all good fictional novels, but all of the characters are representative of true individuals, and the whole experience of a lonely and nearly resigned Western guy sifting through the many online international dating websites, both legitimate and unsavory, is honestly represented and I submit educational.”

For more information, check the website www.jamesherbertharrison.net and read his book

I truly believe in education and learning things the way they are before doing something big.

The book by Harrison is a great material for that!

I am also preparing a video interview with Harrison to share his experience and inspire single and searching Western men get to their goal of creating a family with a Ukrainian lady. Follow my YouTube channel to see the video.


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