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Dear Gentlemen,


Every day I receive letters from you where you share your admiration and compliments about my matchmaking program. It really works! And I am very grateful that you appreciate our work!

       Nevertheless, some men are still convinced that Internet dating is the best and cheapest way for finding a life partner. Maybe, for some it is...

       I suggest you to read some of the comments of those "who have been there" and tried different ways. Hopefully this page will help you in choosing the best service suitable for your finding your life partner

With love,




Jack 40. (Visited Kyiv in October 2019)


I am Jack, a British Australian man and I work as a doctor.

I had ample experience of Western dating with somewhat feminist Western ladies but didn’t feel comfortable with intrinsic power dynamics underpinning Western relationships. In wanting to get married and start a family, I wanted to select a wife from the outset, not a ‘dating partner’ and wanted to hit the bullseye promptly.

As such, I found Natali’s website and, in watching her videos, I was immediately enthused by her matchmaking abilities, passion, energy and positivity about me finding the right lady. My trip to Ukraine was well planned, I had a driver collect me from the airport, comfortable accomodation and I was given a timetable to meet numerous ladies and find the right match. I previously used a Russian agency to meet Russian ladies, but felt the environment was less structured and too casual.

It was a pleasure to deal with Natali and the ladies in her office who worked hard for my benefit. I was pleased with the quality of ladies I met, and my expectations were superseded. I am in a relationship with a nice lady with similar values who I feel comfortable with. The benefits of working with Natali’s agency are that you can meet plenty of excellent women with decent, traditional family values who are of a higher caliber than ladies from Western countries, and be gently guided by the professional matchmaking service that Natali provides.


If you want to talk to me personally please ask Natali for my email address. 


Brady. 42. (Visited Kyiv in July 2014)

Oksana organized  a boat cruise for  Brady and his girlfriend. It was a modern yaht that cruised over Dnipro river for 2 hours. There were appetizers, champagne and a lot of happy smiles...

Here is Brady's feedback:

I wanted to say thanks so much for a wonderful trip.  All was amazing and we truly had an amazing evening.  The catering was great as well as the waitress.  The captain was friendly and did a great job navigating the waters to ensure a beautiful view at all times.

Please let them know we appreciated their service and thanks again Oksana for setting up a everlasting memory.
Of course Yuri / the driver/  is always so professional and timely.  He is a great asset to your company as he is first and direct contact.
Thanks so so much
Brady and Jenya

On Tuesday, July 22, 2014, 


Neil, 40, Canada. (Visited Kyiv in August 2010)

 I came to meet with Natali with a great deal of skepticism.  Very quickly after
meeting her, I was put at  ease, as it is clear that she is genuinely committed
to finding the right women for her clients.  I cannot offer high enough praise
for the wise advice, the dedication, and the warmth shown to me by Natali and
her staff.  The ladies I was introduced to were all incredible and absolutely as
Natali described them.  Among them, I have met someone who is absolutely perfect
for me.  I am deeply indebted to Natali, and wholeheartedly recommend her
service to anyone who is serious about finding a woman of quality.

С большим спасибо,




 Steve, 43, USA

 I really wish I would have found you years ago.
       You are not about the business or the money, it is about REALLY finding someone for me!
       I love that you have a nice application and you ask many questions about the man.
       As I said, my luck has been poor. And years of my life pass, while I still look for my special lady.

My experience.


Originally I was part of an internet site LoveListings.com
It is no longer in existence. I met a girl from Lugansk.We wrote letters through an interpreter,
we wrote letters for a long time, almost 1 year, before I came to Kiev to meet with her. It was hard to
find the time that I could leave my job and she could leave hers. It was close to her birthday, I bought
her many gifts because she was special to me. She said she received a call from her job saying she
must return early. I was stuck in Kiev all alone for 4 days.

We planned to meet again in Crimea after school was out. She then wrote me saying she had to
do some extra for school and she had to do some intern program, some things that made no sense
to me. She tried to say it was a change due to the new president. (This was 2004 going into 2005,
YES I was in Kiev during all the protests in November 2004 !)
Anyway, in the end she stopped writing, I was heart broken, and I never saw her again.
Since I was so distraught, and I did not know what happened, I hired an investigator to find out,
and he went to Lugansk and found that she was living with another man, a friend of her brothers and
that she was 7 months pregnant...

That was not a good first experience for me. I did not search for anyone for some time. I traveled to
Argentina (using my credit for airfare I was going use for Crimea) I had fun in Buenos Aires, it was a nice
city, and I speak some spanish, so it is good for me.

I then found another website with women from Ukraine, Brazil, Argentina, and China

I wrote to some ladies from Ukraine, and also Argentina.

Each time I was going to go to Argentina, the lady I wanted to meet was not there, always something.
Once she had to go visit her family in Brazil, it was last minute.  The next time her aunt was sick, and she could not leave Brazil to come home.  The next time she went into hospital just before I was to visit and she would not be able to travel home. This seemed too false to me.  I should not have believed so long, but I was interested from her letters and whoever wrote
them was very good, because this person seemed to really understand me!

Yes, I am happy for you to take parts of my emails and use them on your web site.
From my experience, I have honestly wasted years of my life, learning by trial and error what to watch for, and trying to learn which sites work and which sites do not.

I am happy for you to use any of my experience to help others, so they do not waste
their time, and they can learn from my mistakes.

Your site is the only one to collect so much information about me - to share with the ladies to see if we are a good match.

I am happy for you to use information from my letter - as far as emails go , please use this email

March 2009.


Kiev has many good marriage agencies, but one stands out above the rest: «Marriage by Natali.»

It is owned and managed everyday by Natali herself. She has been a friend of mine and I have seen firsthand the way the way that she pampers her clients. Natali combines the best of Ukrainian warmth with the best of Western service. Her care of her clients is simply extraordinary in nature.

Two things set her agency apart: first, it is NOT a dating agency- but rather it is a true marriage agency, focusing completely on introductions most promising for marriage. Secondly, and most remarkably, Natali personally screens and interviews over 99-% ot the women in her catalogs. She is quite stringent in her standards and includes only women who she believes are sincere in their desire for a loving marriage. If she ever suspects a woman is not serious in this, Natali will not include the woman in her catalog. Gentlemen, this is a rare practice in the marriage agency business.

This type of stringent screening by Natali gives her a much better group of serious, marriage minded women !

Here's the bottom line. Natali protects you from wasting your time and money on insincere women interested only in dating, or worse, who simply want time and money, but not love and relationship. Hey, life is too short for that if you are really looking for one of the many Ukrainian women who are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. If you're really looking for a «lasting treasure» instead of a «passing pleasure», then make a beeline for Natali's office when you are in Kiev !

I know that the chances are very high that you could meet your dream girl through Natali.

Donald Stevens. “Understand Russian Women” book author

amazon.com link to his book: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1425947425/ref=cm_cr_error


Yasser, 42, Egypt.

It is of my great honor and pleasure dealing and communicating with you, I believe your professional actions and attitude presented within our meetings and discussions helped me taking my decision and I am so happy to tell you that I am currently in very close contact with Elena (Tanya friend) which is a very nice and cute person I feel myself free with her and I feel that we are typical mad crazy open minded couple.. that is so nice that such non-planned approach worked which was developed with good welling from your side in the beginning and agreed by me after.

Such issue reflects how far you care about your clients where your clients are becoming close friends and not only clients, 

I am as myself proud to have you as a friend and advisor

 if you allow me so.

 June 2008.


Shawn, 47, USA

 I just wanted to let you know I am home safely. I did not expect the match
you have made. I will be keeping in contact with Inessa. Please don't give
any more consideration to other women for me. You have done your job,

This woman is most nourishing, caretaking, help-mate and most importantly
equally "yoked" with me in God. She is kind, gentle, patient and warm.

Something I want you to know: From the moment we met at your table we have
"absolute" trust, respect and acceptance towards each other because we share
God. It will stay that way as long as we share God.
In the psychological course of a relationship it takes a investment of time
in each "other" to build trust and respect. Inessa and I have already made
that investment not in each other but investment in God and God returns that
thru Inessa and I.  I think you understand this deep concept.

Her teenage son is not a typical teenager, I was very shocked at what a good
job she did raising him, at the same time because God is kept in their home
I am not surprised. I welcome him into my life despite what I had talked to
you about. 

 I feel I have taken advantage of you for this unusual match for the itroduction fee you charged me.
I will come back to Kiev and Inessa and I will give you the correct

December 2006.



 Fransis, 42, France

My name is Francis, 42 , I am french coming from Lyon under contract with Eurochallenges , /they are partners with MarriageByNatali/ since end October 2008. Having chosen the “romantic trip – 7 days formula” , I arrived to Kiev on January 13th, 2009, to fulfill a big dream: finding Love, a lasting Love, a Lifetime Love. And guess what ? I found it. I should rather say, Thank God I found her, I found my Pearl, the winner is …..Nataliya. On the one hand, I could say that our mutual chemistry functioned very well with one another... Because it was her … because it was me... But such wonderful encounter is no mere good luck, but rather the result of a thoughtful matchmaking process. In this respect, I wish to extend my deepest gratitude to Mrs Natali KOVAL because first she moved Heaven and Earth to make my sojourn in Kiev as pleasant as possible : chauffeur-driven car transferring me from Airport to the Agency, disposal of a comfortable 2 room-flat with all modern amenities only within 5 mn walk from it, Internet connection to stay in touch with the world and all practical advice on how to prepare my meetings and do the follow up. She helped me to get some cash to cover my expenses, because in my excitement, I left France and forgot my Visa Card at Home...

When I arrived to the Agency, Eurochallenges had provided me with a list of 10 ladies wishing to meet me, but after carefully listening to my story, Natali thought of a much better match and made some spontaneous phone calls to a few additional ladies, and right among these, I found my Dream come true. How can I ever be thankful enough for this ? Of course the relationship is just starting, but I feel with my intuition (Men also have intuition, don`t they ?) that all the ingredients are gathered for a successful Love story.



“Bolchoe spassiba “ Special thanks also to Oksana and Viktoria, the two managers working with Natali, who always offered me their kind support and assistance, ranging from a nice cup of tea to a good advice on how to deal with such and such person.

Are you dubious or skeptical about finding love over such a short period of time ? Well I know now that if you dream of it... talk about it to Natali, and let her matchmaking talent find you “Tailor`made” partner... And never forget, There can be miracles, when you believe...

Kiev 19.1.2009.






Hello Natali,

I hope you find helpful this article:

Scammer is lady who registers in marriage agency and make correspondence with men who use the service of the marriage agency. Lady is real; marriage agency provides web camera meetings. Actually the lady is not going to marry. She may have husband, children, lover and use you as a financial support. Such ladies as a rule have 6-8 admirers and “work” with them. It’s simply kind of business and nothing more.

In the beginning marriage agency does not suspect scam but when the marriage agency suspects scam it simply keeps silent because they earn money on your relationships with the lady.

This way the lady only meet men, smile and pull money. There are different kinds how to get money from men: computer courses, driving license, disease of her mother, broken leg of her elder sister, beauty saloon, bank credit for education, foreign language courses, travel passport (which already lady has already had) etc. You know scammer will find ways to get money from victim once the scammer feels that victim is seized. 6-8 admirers usually make scammer profit about 7000.00 USD per year. (Just notify you that minimal salary in Ukraine is about 1200.00 USD / per year). This is the most frequent kind of fraud. This scam is made by professional scammers only.

Our German client impressions about this scam: “Every time you visit … you meet her, make her money gifts, flowers gifts through dating agency, pay IBM courses. Everything is perfect…. I’m far away from her and could not control her actions… She visited my country. My relatives, friends like her. She’s charming.…. I’m happy. Her mother is ill and needs money. Money is nothing when you fall in love and I grant money with pleasure… From time to time I had feeling that I was cheated but I got rid off this feeling. She’s angel and I accustomed to her. Finally I caught that I was used for money support and I was not the only person who was cheated. But it’s too late. Time is wasted, heart is broken, thousands Euro lost and after 2 years I have nothing.”

Average waste is 12000.00 USD / each victim

Please be very careful with the lady in Kiev. She is professional.

Do not send money. A normal relation is not based on money and gifts; even
in Ukraine it is not based on such agreements.

Try to handle your relations without money and you will see the results. If
one lady takes negatively when you refuse to give money, be careful. If she
has a strange behavior, about money or the way she tries to handle the
relation or strange reactions, be careful.

Sometimes they ask money via Western Union, Money Gram or giving the bank
account from a different person, and that makes almost impossible to track
the information and it makes very difficult to prove the fraud. They are
clever. Some times they disappear suddenly (because they are with other

I hope this information can help you. If you have been cheated, do not
hesitate about to report the lady in anti scammer sites. It is important to
prevent other men and stop these ladies.

Please, I beg you; do not tell to the lady or the agency about this mail,
because I can lose my job.  I hope you understand this, and I am writing
because it is not fair what some ladies are doing to men.



I am sorry you had to suspect of my of ladies in being a scamer. But Victoriya is happily engaged now. I have received an email from her boyfriend that they are happy together and have already deleted her profile from my website.

But you are right about emailing me that article with the scam story,

True, some ladies are not sincere enough, and take advantage of the guys' generousity.

On the other hand, there are only 10% of them, and everywhere in the world, not only in marriage agencies, or Ukraine. But in marriage agencies it is more obvious, and people attach more importance to that case rather than to an ex-girlfriend he met in a bar in his hometown, and who had been using him for good years before he could realise that...

Sorry, I am not protecting anyone here, it is just my observatrion about some couples I know  who are both local, and not necessarily Ukrainian.

On the other hand, men lose the touch of reality and meet ladies who are out of their league. It is so wrong to think that Ukraine is a third worl country and all women here wish to find a rich silly man and immigrate. It is absolutely not so. And I see more very well educated ladies with good goals and nice personalities than men. For some reason men see a picrture, and create an image of what she should be like, and when they meet a real person they become upset that she is not like his imagined doll... :(


Please, be careful and read between the words,

Please, do not continue relations, if you see that a girl is asking for gifts and takes you to most expensive restaurants , unless you really want that.

And please, inform me about such cases, and I will be taking measures from my side too.





Dear Natali: Thank you very much for your kind answer. I know you have a very serious and very good agency and touristic services. So, I would like to congratulate you, and it is a real pleasure to write you. More than questions I have a couple comments (good comments). But let me tell you quickly (in a couple lines my story). I am the boyfriend of Miss Viktoria (I DELETED THE SURNAME). She was in your marriage agency recently. I met her and started a relation with her 2 and a half years ago. I visited her many times in Kiev, and she came to my Country 2 times. We finished few months ago, but we spoke again and we decided to continue our relation again few weeks ago. So we came back and we both are happy about it now. The main porpoise of this letter is to say “thank you very much to you” because Viktoria told me that she asked you to delete her profile (because she has a relation now) and you were so kind and you already deleted her profile. I took the decision about to write you and say “thank you” because you are serious and really want to help people. She was in other agencies, and we have problems because it seems that they want to keep her profile and they are taking (doing it very slowly) and giving reasons to take time. Why? I don’t know, maybe they want to have many ladies in their site to keep attracting clients. But in your agency is the opposite and you are very professional, that’s why I want to say “thank you” and I really appreciate it. I don’t take more of your time. And I hope to keep my relation with Viktoria forever and have a good life, but if one day something happen between us and we separate (I hope not), and if I wish to find another lady in Ukraine the be sure I will choose your agency ;-) I wish you the best. Regards, Edgar (I deleted the surname )

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