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I am proud of all my couples!
Kyiv time

Arda and Elena were not typically introduced to each other in my office. When Arda was our VIP client and had his dates Elena strictly refused to meet him regardless of the fact that we talked so highly of Arda, wrote her a great letter about him and sent wonderful pictures. It was a very categorical “NO”. Arda's trip went well, he had dates with nice ladies and they spoke highly of him. But as he says he didn't feel any of them to be the one. He kept thinking of Elena…


Luckily, six months later he found her profile on a different dating website and wrote to her. He mentioned that he was in Kyiv and wanted to meet her through my agency but she didn't want to come. He asked her to exchange couple of letters in case she doesn't mind. That time she agreed and it was a great decision.


Arda was communicating to our agency and we were encouraging Elena to stay in touch with him. They are both great people and we couldn't but support their communication. It was very important for Elena to hear our feedback of Arda, of his personality, of his goals and attitude. It was the same for Arda. And soon after they met personally they started relationship and Elena moved to Turkey to be with her man. They traveled together, they spent two years in steady relationships before getting married and now on the 30th of April they tied a knot.


Although I cannot 100% say that I brought Elena to Arda and advised them to be together but the fact that they were both in my agency and I met both of them personally was an important detail in building better understanding and trust for both of them.


Arda felt intuitively that Elena was his woman and he tried hard, it worked and now the world has a great new family.


I would advise to guys to try harder, just like Arda did. And I would advise to girls to give guys chances. This way we can have more happy families I believe.