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I am proud of all my couples!
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 I knew Robert since November 2014. In his first letter to my agency he was asking me if sincere women exist in Ukraine and if women look like their photographs. It was absolutely obvious for me from other paragraphs of his letter that he is really looking for a serious life partner not for fun. I have to keep this letter confidential.


Robert did have some dates before in my agency so he trusted my opinion. When I sent him Natalia's profile he saw not only her real photographs but also my story about her and it was clear that they would have a lot in common.


By the way Natalia come from a very good family. Her father is a well-known professor of physics. He is one of the true patriots who put Ukrainian science's inventions on a new level. Natalia adopted his best qualities of integrity and sincere way to communicate with people.


Robert is one of the top engineers in a well known elevator company. I was taking that into account in my search for them.


This is the real couple, they are both contributing a lot into their relationships. I am very happy to have been invited to celebrate this special day with them. They will make this world a better place. They will both make a strong family that will last for years and will serve a very good example for their children and grandchildren. How do I know? Because this is absolutely obvious. When I see them looking into each others eyes and holding hand together they have this special glow that true families have.


Couples like Natalia and Robert make me continue my very complicated mission. Thank you my dear lovely couples.