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I am proud of all my couples!
Kyiv time

 Kobus is a real hero. He came to us after seeing the famous Dutch TV show from Russia with love. He was inspired by the show and came to us in July 2014. We were working with him according to our six week work plan and he came to Kyiv twice to meet our ladies. His first trip was more about the experience. It was on his second trip when he had more confidence and trusted us to introduce him to the right lady. Some of the ladies woulds refuse to meet Kobus seeing his tattoos and thinking that his brutal looks reflect his personality. But he was one of the kindest men I have ever met in the agency experience and Elena was smart enough to recognize the kindness in his eyes and his great personality. Elena came to us in 2013. It was a case when she didn't look like her pictures at all. She was slimer and much more attractive and stylish that on her photos. It was quite an effort to convince Kobus to meet Elena because he wasn't impressed with her pictures at all but the power of love and my convincing skills worked. They met and immediately liked each other. Kobus made a visa for Elena to visit him in Netherlands, they spent 20 days together and it became clear to Kobus that this is a girl he wants to marry as he told me himself. When Kobus registered with us he said he didn't plan to get married too quickly. He was planning to take at least a year and then to make important decisions. But it was one more case of a man meeting the right woman. When that happens guys don't wait but change their single life and never regret about it. I am sure Elena and Kobus will have a wonderful life together. I wish them to create the relationship they both dream about. Well done Kobus and Elena! Congratulations!