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I am proud of all my couples!
Kyiv time

First about the main product of the agency – marriages.

7 couples got married during 2014.  We had marriages in: Austria, Germany, 2 marriages in USA, Denmark, UK and even India.

Here is a link to see all of them: http://marriagebynatali.com/gallery/5


But besides 7 marriages there are 28 couples that continue dating now and hopefully many of them will stay together and get married in 2015.


We organized all together 304 dates during the whole year. It isn't a big number because many of our men didn't arrive to Kyiv due to the revolution at the beginning of the year and a war in Eastern Ukraine now. I should say that recent political events in Ukraine have motivated many women to pay more attention to the core values and mostly family.


We had 25 % more women signing up to the agency. Those are good looking, well educated women who have good jobs and come from good families.


 Only 101 men were brave enough to come to Ukraine this year. It is 30% less than the previous year. It is sad that so many men believed the propaganda about a terrible war all over Ukraine, I repeat, the war is terrible but it is concentrated in a small part of Eastern Ukraine only and it is 100% safe to come to Kyiv to meet the ladies.

 So those 101 men had altogether 304 dates and  48 men ended up choosing the lady and started dating.

28 couples continue dating till now.

And one couple has already married in January 7th 2015!!!


It is an incredibly great success rate. I am proud of men and women that could recognize each other through cultural barriers and distances. Well done!


A new thing that I brought to the agency in 2014 was FRIDAY PARTIES AT NATALI'S. I created a new format of an event that is a win-win for everyone who comes. When there is a man who wants to have a small mixer and meet the ladies without pressure of a mini date we make an event when we first of all invite his target ladies candidates and a speaker whose intellectual product is aimed for the ladies. We have a speaking event first and the man joins later when we continue the discussion of the chosen subject. This way everyone is involved and comes satisfied after the event. We are already continuing such events. You can see the post on my Facebook page about the recent event I made in 2015  https://www.facebook.com/nataliya.koval


This year we were also blessed with great international TV projects. There was a very popular film in Holland about two men having dates in our agency. Those men were too far from ideal candidates for my ladies: obnoxious, rude and low-class young men. But the publicity that the show caused was incredible. I received a HUGE number of letters from Dutch people telling me that the guys were bad just for the show and that they cannot represent Dutch men at all. As a result a lot of good Dutch men got interested in finding a bride in Ukraine. 2 of those guys have steady relations with our ladies now.

Our agency was on Channel 4 in the UK in a similar project. This time with a very nice young man.  As the result our agency  represented Ukrainian women very well for the British society. 4 of those guys are in steady relationships with our ladies now. British guys rule!

In August 2014  our agency was on CNN. Here is a link: http://collection.cnn.com/content/clip/37065725_001.do

There were also numerous Ukrainian TV shows where I participated as an expert and speaker. I had a goal to change the attitude of Western men and Ukrainian women to international dating and marrying a foreigner. This subject is still getting enough negative frowns from the society. It doesn't change quickly but step by step people understand how it really works and approach each other more responsibly. Men and women stop having big illusions and it finally works much better between them. More and more men and women stay together because they love each other and not just playing a trophy wife game. Usually those families stay married for good.


We plan to continue supporting men who are looking for real love and we'll do our best to help them find a partner no matter how much money they can pay us.


And the last but not the least important thing. Charity.  I was sending a separate Charity Report earlier this year. The result is that we bought a printer and ink for it  for Down Syndrome school, we purchased bedding and blackboards for the sanatorium that became a new home to children from terrorist affected zones. We bought gifts for handicapped children from Chornobyl affected areas and made holiday for them. We still have approximately the equivalent of  900  US dollars to do more good things.


We all: Natali, Victoria and Oksana are happy to be in this business. This is a certain mission we fulfill every day to make this world a better place. If you may have any suggestions, comments or ideas on how we can improve our business we are happy to hear them. Just write us to kovaln@marriagebynatali.com


 We do our work for you and we are very happy if you can tell us how we can do it better. We believe there is a match for every good person in the world. It is only a matter of time and a little bit of effort J




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