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I am proud of all my couples!
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 In September Krishna already proposed to Diana!!! He insisted on her not finding a job and started supporting her financially. She trusted him completely and introduced her family to him as well as met his family online...


When they told me they decided to get married I did my best to talk them out of it demanding that Diana travels to India first and meets Krishna and his family there as well as understands whether she can live in his country... The answer was that they still wanted to get married no matter what. So I helped Krishna to prepare his documents for marriage and still told them that they need to meet each other, spend at least a week together and then we can talk about marriage registration. As you see, they have survived the challenges of the personal meeting... Krishna lived in Diana's house with her family and they all accepted him very well...


I hope the fairy tale will continue for them when Diana travels to India next week.


Their love story will be on TV soon. A TV channel that I know was very interested in filming their unique experience so as soon as I have video I will share it with you.


Do not try to repeat this at home :) Diana is a truly unique girl, it is almost impossible to find girls like her, especially in Odessa , where she comes from. But rules have exceptions and she is the one. I think this is one more way God brings people together when they are so far apart but are related souls and both have earned enough points with MR. God for such a blessing. I was merely HIS TOOL in realizing THE PLAN.