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I am proud of all my couples!
Kyiv time

 Jens came to Kyiv in August inspired by Anastasia Date website. He was writing very actively to 5 ladies, if I remember right, but none of them met him personally. He described how wonderful the letters were and I felt very sorry that this honest gentleman fell into the trap of illusions that Anastasia Date creates for the men.


Jens obviously needed smart, attractive, kind and down-to-earth lady. Kind and down-to-earth would be the key words and none of that you can get on Anastasia's website. I offered him my list of suitable candidates and fortunately, he accepted my initiative very well. Irina was his first date, she made an effort to come and meet him after a long working day. It was 11 pm but Irina was full of enthusiasm and charm. Lora was translating for them as Irina's English is basic conversational. It didn't become an obstacle for the couple in their future communication though.


Other meetings that Jens had were only proving that Irina was the right match. Soon after living Kyiv Jens encouraged Irina to start learning Danish. She still attends her private lessons of Danish in Kyiv. It was not too long when Irina went to Denmark and met Jens' family and friends. Jens made several trips to Ukraine after that (to the best of my memory he was here at least two times)


On their wedding Jens told me that he did his best to scare off Irina with the reality of his life but she still chose to be with him. He was very happy to know that.


Jens is a priest of the Danish church. His life is more like a mission to serve people. Irina inspires him for that, as he says. She is positive, emotional, cheerful and happy person. One more time I had a chance to see that if man and a woman approach the search process realistically, are honest with each other and do not create false illusions they can only be happy together. Of course Jens and Irina have to complete the family reunification process first and then start living as a family in Copenhagen. That will be another challenge that they will certainly overcome because they know how to discuss important life issues and it bonds their family even stronger.


God bless you my fourth married family of 2014!