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I am proud of all my couples!
Kyiv time

 Amazing experience of the most unique couple in the agency so far. Krishna (29) and Diana (23) got married last Friday, October 31, 2014 after very unique experience of communication. They were introduced July 5, 2014 and started their online dating. Slowly, the amount of time they stayed online with each other each day became 5 hours. Can you imagine? Krishna didn't sleep for many nights just because he was talking to Diana. There is a time difference between Ukraine and India, of course :) They have learned a lot about each other during those days of communication.  


 August 2014 had been incredibly productive with media in our agency. CNN came with the request to highlight the international marriages and the phenomena of Ukrainian brides in particular.  



John from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Dasha got married on August 21, 2014.


Our mission this time was organizing the official marriage registration for this couple.


They found each other on elenasmodels website a year ago. Of course they John traveled several times to Ukraine to meet Dasha and of course Dasha has traveled to the UK to meet John in his house and connect with his family.  



One more good news from Marriage by Natali.

Friday 25th of July we had one more marriage between our clients. This time Irina (40 years old) wonderful lady from Kyiv married Jens (55 year old) man from Denmark. I introduced them last August and they immediately started dating.  


 Ladies and Gentlemen!

Another wonderful announcement in Marriage By Natali agency!



 I am very happy to inform everyone that we have just filmed a big part of a documentary film about a British man looking for a bride in Ukraine.  


Burghardt and Olga got married on the 8th of March, 2014.


This year Marriage by Natali has celebrated 5 weddings. The last of them is between Johnathan and Maria. They got married on the 2 of November 2013. CONGRATULATIONS! Maria left Kiev with her son in August and now we heard the news about Maria and John's marriage. Maria and Johnathan know each other probably for more than 10 years. They are an example of patience and understanding. I am proud of them indeed and I wish that more of my clients be so persistent and sincere like Johnathan and Maria.



Recently I had a lot of fun and great experience making a documentary film in a vile show format for the Dutch TV channel. My first days of November were busy handling two young, attractive and too passionate county boys from Holland. I made a social for them, we planned their romantic dates, we had a mini home party...and as the result the guys picked two super stars to visit them in their village in the Netherlands. I am keeping my fingers crossed as the girls they picked I way out of their league in many respects. But if a man wants something he doesn't care how difficult or impossible it is:) let's hope for the best, the documentary shall be ready by April and then we'll watch and smile.  


I'd like to invite you to celebrate with us. If you are planning your trip to Ukraine any time soon I suggest the dates around 11th of October because we are going to have a PARTY.