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I am proud of all my couples!
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Дорогие друзья!

я продолжаю цикл душевных мероприятий в своем офисе, чтобы и дальше знакомить тебя с высококлассными специалистами в сфере личностных отношений.

15 сентября, в 19.00, состоится уникальная встреча с писательницей, психологом высшего класса, и моим учителем, Татьяной Дугельной.


Many foreign men often ask us why so many Ukrainian women  want to marry a man from abroad. The answer is clear – our ladies want to meet reliable, responsible, serious and family-oriented men to create a family with. 


If you search through the Internet you will notice that thousands of Russian girls register on different dating sites as they dream of marriage with foreign men. You may ask why they do not want to marry men from their own country. The answer is quite simple: in Russia and Ukraine there are more single women than single men. 


We are experiencing a great marriage tendency this year. Every two months we have a marriage in the agency which makes me absolutely happy.


Today I am announcing the marriage between Arda from Turkey and Elena, originally from the Crimea.


 2016 started to be a very productive year. Yesterday we celebrated a second marriage of 2016. Robert and Natalia got married March 25.


Natalia came to my agency exactly a year ago, the same day. She had absolutely realistic attitude and a lot of common sense. I was very surprised to see such a beautiful lady yet with so many realistic expectations and down-to-earth thinking. She wanted to meet a professional man within 15 years age difference and good family values.  


Мастер класс об удачном замужестве.

Киев, 14 марта 2016 г.

Отношения, основанные на уважении, доверии, поддержке, любви, гармонии, в которых женщина может быть расслабленной спокойной, любимой и любящей - возможны! И даже если для этого вам нужно будет поехать в другую страну - почему бы и нет

Мужчин в мире очень много и чтобы встретить свою вторую половинку нужно следовать простой инструкции: найти, пообщаться, влюбиться-влюбить и выйти замуж. Однако факт кардинальной смены места жительства и образа жизни все-таки таит в себе некую специфику.



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Kyiv is peaceful, people are walking in the streets. There is no war in Kyiv. 

Welcome to Ukraine.




My dear friends. I have just received the message with one more wedding announcement. Kobus from Netherlands and Elena from Kyiv have married on February 16, 2014.


It has become a good tradition to count our “chicken” at the beginning of the year. I am happy to present you 2014 report of my beloved Marriage By Natali agency achievements J


A lot has happened in 2014.


It was truly a great year!


First of all, all year long I was enjoying my pregnancy and had a wonderful baby on November 24.  My daughter Liubava inspires me every day to create something cool for my women and men. So get ready for new suggestions from the agency in terms of services and activities. I will continue putting my women and men closer together and embracing everyone with my warm family approach.