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Dear visitor of our website, 

We do believe there’s no need to describe how beautiful, generous and educated  Ukrainian women are. For men  who have doubts or are still hesitating to start looking for their

 Ukrainian brides we offer the perfect solution. We  invite you to our Marriage Agency. Lots of tender and smart Ukrainian ladies for marriage have been registered on our site.

All of them dream to meet their  “Mr. Right”.

 We are based in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, so our database of Kiev women is the largest one.

 Perhaps you are only one click away from your true Ukrainian love...

Schedule your free 20 minutes matchmaking interview with Natali NOW and you will know  how to meet the right lady from our site

Natali will help you choose the best matchmaking service plan for your trip to Ukraine .

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Hello, Handsome Successful Man!

I am Natali, the agency owner, and I welcome you to the world of hearts in search of love.

I know there are many beautiful ladies around you. But none of them sets your pulse racing.

Your lonely heart is looking for true love, so you are browsing through female profiles of diverse marriage and dating websites hoping to find someone special, someone you will not be able to take your eyes off.

We are here to help you find Her among a variety of charming Ukrainian women for marriage

Dear guests!

Is there any need to describe how beautiful, generous and educated Ukrainian women are? Should we mention again what amazing and loving wives and mothers these ladies make? The fact that men around the whole world continue dreaming of brides from this part of the Earth speaks for itself. Ukrainian girls marriage agencies are especially popular among men. If you are still hesitating whether to search for a Ukrainian bride, we will be happy to invite you to our Marriage Agency. Thousands of tender and smart Ukrainian girls have been registered on our site. All of them dream of meeting their desirable match. We are based in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, so our database of Ukrainian women is the largest one. Perhaps, you are only one click away from your true big Ukrainian love...






  • Schedule your free 30 minutes matchmaking interview with Natali NOW .
  • Natali will help you choose the best matchmaking service plan for your trip .


Natali's Skype ID is marriagebynatali


You may also call Natali directly: +380672320803 (GMT+3)



Coming to meet Ukrainian girls in Marriage By Natali and using our services we guarantee that:


  1. You are meeting the best Ukrainian ladies:


  • WE DO NOT ADVERTIZE TO FIND UKRAINIAN LADIES FOR MARRIAGE!  Because our existing ladies-clients recommend us to their girlfriends. “Word of mouth” is our major advertisement tool. And it brings to us the ladies who are consciously looking for a partner from a different country, and are already aware of the cultural challenges and differences.


  • We register ladies only if they personally come to our agency and we can meet them. Exceptions are Ukrainian ladies from other cities than Kyiv. But we have detailed interviews with them over the Skype.


  • Women pay us to be registered in our database, we NEVER pay any lady to come to a date.


  • We spend 2 hours and often more for filling our applications with a lady. She has to fill 6 different applications to become our client


  • One of these applications is a detailed personal interview during which we get to know the lady’s temperament, personality, life history, life goals, etc. That allows us to provide a quality matchmaking service to our clients.


  • We build personal connections with our clients, foreign men and Ukrainian women.


  • Other applications give us information about ladies' hobbies, interest, character and marriageability.


  • We take copies of a lady’s passport pages as a documentary proof of her physical existence and legal “single” status.


  • Some of our ladies-clients are featured in popular magazines, but we use only original and realistic pictures of a lady to represent her.


  • In addition to professional photo session, we take pictures of every Ukrainian woman in our office, thus you can see that the professional pictures are realistic.


  • We delete a lady’s profile is we hear more than 3 serious complaints from gentlemen of the lady being a “player”.


  • We also stop working with a man-client with no refunds if a lady reports sexual harrasment or  a "sex-tourist" attitude of the man.


  • Our Clients, men and women, must be at least 21 years of age to use our services. 


  • Marriage By Natali does not provide escort or other sex-related services.


  • We begin working with a man's profile only if we have enough matches for him.


  • We provide a detailed analysis of each selected lady’s profile, (our “matchmaking SWAT analyses”). This will helps the man to  make the decision on choosing the right ladies for the dates.


  • We can help the man save a lot of time meeting the right ladies, rather than shooting into a darkness. But we do not tell  the man who to meet. Instead we provide enough information for the man's independent decisions. 


  • The date is set up only after a Lady sees man's introductory letter and photographs AND ONLY IN CASE SHE IS MUTUALLY INTERESTED TO MEET .


  • We provide sufficient translation service included into our Service Plans, and we are planning the dates to maximize the results of the time available during the man's visit.


  • When using any of our matchmaking packages (Week in Kyiv, Weekend in Kyiv; 6 or 12 month Elite Matchmaking Plan) the payment of the work plan does not depend on the number of introductions. This way we can introduce more ladies who might be mutually interested to meet the man and make the man's visit more successful. 


  • We are working with PrivatBank. One of the most reliable banks in Ukraine. We are the only marriage agency in Ukraine that have passed their  very strict security check.


  • Some of our ladies-clients are expecting to have their taxi costs covered in order to come to a date.  We inform the man additionally about that, and then he can  make a decision about meeting the lady.


  • The membership for men and Ukrainian women in our agency is private and confidential. None of your contacts or other personal information is ever distributed for any purposes other than personal matchmaking.


  • We do not sell addresses of our clients. We matchmake!


It was much written about the beauty of Ukrainian women, about their femininity and delicacy. But still there are some men who are hesitating whether to search for a Ukrainian bride or not. Those who have some doubts should visit Marriage by Natali website and look through the portfolios of single Ukrainian girls marriage. One can bet, that after this visit, no man can resist the wish to get closer with one of these ladies.


Hundreds of American and European men have already married gorgeous Ukrainian women. Don’t hesitate! It’s never too late to find true love, even if you think it’s impossible.

Natali’s agency regularly receives messages from happy couples, which were united due to successful matchmaking of Natali and her specialists. And most men confess that they didn’t believe in positive result too much while appealing to the agency. Nevertheless, their families are happy now and many of them are bringing up their children in love and harmony. 


If this is what you are expecting from a Ukrainian marriage agency then come to us NOW!

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Dear foreign clients!


Be careful when you come across international marriage agencies which offer cheap or even free services! Be rather skeptical of Ukrainian marriage agencies which promise you too much. You can surf the web and read about unfair agencies cheating both men and women. Such organizations usually work with fake profiles. They will not help you in meeting a lady of your dreams. All they look for is your money. More than that, their women often scam men and play unfair games.

Natali’s agency takes care of its client’s privacy. Our ladies are informed about the responsibilities if they act unfair. All the brides in our international marriage agency are not allowed to use private data in their own purposes. Our foreign clients have a guarantee that their reputation is completely safe in our agency. Natali’s specialists are always ready to offer you any help.

Natali’s International dating agency has special rules of conduct, which you should learn if you wish to find a lifetime partner in Ukraine.

Natali Koval, a certified matchmaker, provides the following issues to the agency’s clients:

  • Observation of the most important and popular norms in the sphere of matchmaking services
  • Dedication to the client’s rights regarding the personal and professional aspects
  • Guarantee of respect and dedication to our clients
  • Complete, prompt and substantive response to our clients
  • High privacy level of your account information, record issues and activity
  • Professional growth and development
  • Offering services in accordance with the highest standards in dating business
  • Sedulity in the most effective matchmaking
  • Individual approach to the requirements and wishes of every our client
  • Strict observation of legal norms and laws accepted in Ukraine
  • Precise attention to all kinds of customer needs, requests and complaints.

Natali’s Ukrainian marriage agency does all the best to support Ukrainian brides on their way to happy family life. Be free to contact our reliable and respectful Ukrainian marriage agency Marriage by Natali and you will get the best chance to meet your lifetime partner and create a family. Natali’s team is looking forward to get acquainted with you, learn about your interests, hopes, world outlook, and hobbies! Do not hesitate and contact our professionals via phone or email. Natali’s dating agency possesses only the most experienced psychologists, who can organize the process of matchmaking in the most effective way. So, take your chance to be happy due to Natali and her mature team!


Marriage By Natali


Welcome to Marriage by Natali, one of the best matchmaking agencies in Ukraine!


Are you still looking for a romantic relationship? Do you want to create a perfect family but don't know where to start? Then your best decision will be to use the services of Marriage by Natali, one of the Ukrainian marriage agencies, which can help every foreign man to find a woman they need.

The initial goal of the agency is to help men from different parts of the world to meet beautiful Ukrainian ladies. We provide reliable services and have a good reputation, as there are a lot of similar companies that can delude their clients. Of course, our agency is not the case. It is a real chance to meet true love through the services of the Ukrainian marriage agency.


There is a myth that only a desperate person or that, who has no chance to find a couple in real life, can come to a marriage agency. Nataly, as an owner and a great and experienced matchmaker, is sure that it is a false fact and, moreover, a stereotype. Our agency represents the base of worthy Ukrainian women, for whom a strong family is the most valuable priority, as well as decent men, who search for love in Ukraine. Marriage agencies often provide many guarantees of finding the perfect life partner. Natali’s agency offers something more! And “more” means an individual approach to each client and finding soul mates who will feel comfortable together, who will share the same values and dreams.


Thanks to the agency, the number of happy couples has increased in many countries!


Receiving profit is not the objective of the Kiev marriage agency, as it often happens. But the main goals are to promote family values, create foreign marriages, change destinies and lives of people around the world for the better. As a founder and an owner of the international marriage agency, Natali is proud of the number of happy couples. They fit together like the pieces of a puzzle that were missing for achieving a complete picture. The agency works through real meetings and studies the preferences, characters, nature of every person and individual needs to find the most suitable and reliable partner to all male and female clients.


The best brides of Ukraine are here at Natali's agency!


Belief in love, enthusiasm and patience of Natali helped the agency to become the most reliable and the best marriage agency in Ukraine. Using all personal and professional experience, all knowledge in the field of relationships and psychology, Natali makes maximum efforts to achieve the desired results for every foreign man, who has the courage to build a happy family with a Ukrainian woman. The database includes the most gifted, fabulous, kind, and intelligent Ukrainian ladies.


Why Marriage by Natali?


After choosing our agency, we will organize every step of your meeting with the potential life partner. Managers, together with Natali, provide a comprehensive, individual approach, guiding every client through the whole process. All profiles of women are approved. There is no misleading or inaccurate information about ladies. Therefore, men can be confident in their choices without any doubts. Moreover, when you choose a lady on the website, you will have an opportunity to meet her in real life. It will be extremely easy to find the best Ukrainian brides. Agency managers, as well as Natali, love their job and always do their best.


Why Ukrainian women? Well, lots of women abroad are considered more career-oriented. That is the reason why brides of Ukraine are more attractive. Traditional family values are important to them. And that means that they care about comfort and coziness, as well as warmth in the relationship. Our ladies are smart and worth your attention.


Does it look like a fantasy?

Our agency can prove that everything is possible!

Use our services and we will help to find your destiny.