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Code Of Ethics

Dear Clients!


Our agency has taken care of your privacy issues. With regard to this, we have warned each and every girl about the legal liability that may result in case of any kinds of unlawful actions she may undertake at this website. What you should know is that all ladies are informed about the fact that they constitute a part of the agency and, thus, are obliged to treat other girls and all potential partners with respect and honor. Apart from that, each girl who has agreed to deal with us, is aware of her obligation to obey the universal laws that concern confidentiality issues. Our Ukrainian brides are also informed about the fact that they should not use any private data they may get here in their own purposes. When you deal with us, you should know that your reputation and confidentiality are safely secured here and we are ready to try our best effort to provide you with any kind of assistance you might need!


Professional International Matchmaker’s Code of Conduct:


If you are right about to search a sweetheart in Ukraine, take your time to learn the most crucial code of conduct rules our agency is ready to ensure.


Being a Certified Matchmaker, I, Natali Koval, am ready to provide the following issues:

·         Adherence to the most popular, best and important quality norms in the marriage agency industry

·         Dedication to our clients’ rights with regard to the professional and personal aspects

·         Ensuring the utmost level of respect and dedication each client of our agency deserves

·         On-time, informative and complete responseto all  clients’ inquiries

·         Maintenance of privacy of clients’ account information, personal profile, activity and record issues

·         Professional growth and development

·         Delivery of services with regard to the best standards existing in the business for our clients’ contentmentand approval

·         Taking into account specific customer reviews and opinions

·         Diligence in the process of creating the most effective matches

·         Personalized attention to the needs and requirements of each and every client

·         Adherence to the laws and legal norms of Ukraine that may be applied in this area

·         Consideration of all kinds of customer concerns, needs and complaints


International marriage agency provides support and assistance to the brides from Ukraine!


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